Cleaning Tips


We use cleaning products on a daily basis in order to sanitize our environment. Since we encounter dirt, dust and bacteria in everything that we do, we do our best to keep ourselves clean and everything that we come in contact with.  In our effort to minimize the existence of dirt and bacteria in our environment, we may be causing more harm than good. Recent research shows that most of the cleaning products that we use when we were younger are unsuitable for one’s health and the environment. This is not surprising at all since there was a time when cleaning products literally claimed to clean and kill all dirt and bacteria known to man. Obviously, these cleaning products incorporate extremely strong chemicals to be able to give that guarantee.

Most often than not, extremely strong chemicals have side effects that can be toxic. This moves green-minded groups to promote environment-friendly cleaning products. There are campaigns to cease all use of possibly toxic chemicals and patronize green and healthy cleaning products that are as effective as the chemical counterparts.  With the realization of today’s generation that the use of renewable resources which are also biodegradable are vital in the preservation of our environment, there is much more support in the continuous propagation of this advocacy. It started out slow because earlier organic, environment-friendly cleaning products were sold at prices higher than the older petroleum-based products. Little did we know that environment-friendly products can already be found in our cupboards. The best thing about it is these home-made cleaners have been used way before the chemical cleaners were even produced.

You must bear in mind that age-old techniques can sometimes be the best solution or remedy. It is often simple yet it does the job pretty well. For instance, there is a widespread acknowledgement that our hands are the best way to transport bacteria from one place to another. This is why keeping our hands clean at all times is our primary defense to getting sick. Due to this, a lot of products are in the market claiming to kill all germs in your hand – from antibacterial soaps to antimicrobial gels. Nonetheless, according to experts, nothing beats the simplest way to keep your hands clean – wash your hands with regular soap and clean water. The FDA even warns against the use of antibacterial hand soaps and cleansers since these could breed antibacterial-resistant germs.Also, part of ensuring a clean environment is providing clean air in your home or office. Sometimes, the air outside your office or home is cleaner and fresher than the air inside. This being so, the cheapest solution is to simply open your window. Proper air circulation is needed in order to replace the trapped air inside your home with the fresh air coming from outside. You need to open your window on a regular basis not only to let fresh air in and old air out but also to let any unsanitary or unwanted smell to get stuck on your furnishings. This way, you can avoid spending on store-bought air fresheners. Another way to freshen up the smell of you environment is to include an aromatic plant that suits your taste.

After everything that you’ve done to ensure the cleanliness of your home or office, don’t forget to leave any carrier of dirt outside your house, particularly your shoes.  You might have walked on just about anything with your shoes so make sure to dust it and take off any grime before bringing it indoors. Buy a good doormat that collects the dirt from your shoes. This will avoid any further cleaning on your part thus, lessening your work load.